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BACKUP EAGLE® - Complete Reporting and Monitoring for Backups, Backup Server and Backup Storage Devices

Björn Albers, Schmitz RZ Consult

BACKUP EAGLE® is an add-on for IBM Spectrum Protect, Spectrum Protect Plus and other backup software. BACKUP EAGLE® ensures the completeness of monitoring and evidence of the data protection environment without any manual effort. This also includes a default set of reports, which will fulfill all basic requirements of operations, management, audit and compliance. The main concepts of BACKUP EAGLE® are described briefly. The scope includes backups, backup servers and backup storage devices. It is shown, how data protection environments of customers with different objectives were optimized using BACKUP EAGLE®. 

CANCOM and IBM Partnership

Tino Drowatzky, Cancom

o CANCOM Company Profile
o Cancom Company Profile
 Facts & Figures
 Solution Portfolio
o IBM Partnership
 Business areas
o KFM – comfortable research data management
 Cancom solution that enables data to be researched and evaluated by every institute in addition to storage and secure archiving

Connecting the World with the Power of Technology

Markus Bote, TechData

The Tech Data Advanced Solutions portfolio enables channel partners to deliver complex IT solutions around the world. Our innovative approach and proven experience in the data center, software cloud computing, converged,hyper-converged, mobility solutions, analytics, security and IoT empower channel partners to deliver the end-to-end solutions their customers need to transform and remain competitive.

Customized Integration of ISP and ISPP in Splunk

Michael Todt, SVA

The presentation will show how ISP and ISPP can be integrated in a Splunk environment. This opens the opportunity to build up an comprehensive SIEM system including network, storage, access, vulnerability and backup aspects.

Delivering Backup-as-a-Service with IBM Spectrum Protect & Spectrum Protect Plus

Thomas Bak, AUWAU

Learn how IBM Spectrum Protect can easily be transformed into a backup-as-a-service delivery model. The scalability and robustness of IBM Spectrum Protect is the perfect foundation for a successful data protection cloud service.

eXstor - Home of Spectrum Cluster

Bruno Fries, eXstor

eXstor - Home of Spectrum Cluster. Our product for TSM HighAvailability TSMCluster® in the new Version 7.1 based on the AIXand Linux operating systems, is a robust, scalable and widely usedcluster software for Spectrum Protect (TSM). In spite of its highcomplexity, TSMCluster® remains easy to operate via web interfaceor command line.

Extending the Power of Spectrum Protect

Greg Tevis, Cobalt Iron

Join us to learn about a SaaS solution to extend the power of IBM Spectrum Protect to easily manage data growth, expanding workloads, emerging technologies, backup complexities, and data security in an insecure world.  Cobalt Iron has designed a virtualized data protection operating system that delivers automation, analytics, SaaS delivery, and seamless multi-cloud integration for enterprise data protection.  Cobalt Iron's Adaptive Data Protection™ enables you to insert your technology and business expertise into the policies and processes while allowing the service to automate the daily operational effort of enterprise backup.  Come learn about the future of enterprise data protection that is available today.

General Storage Solutions for IBM Spectrum Protect

Lars Henningsen, General Storage

Our mission is to provide scalable, reliable and easily maintainable solutions around IBM Spectrum Protect to help you cope with demands now and in the future. Our products help you with deploying and upgrading ISP servers and entire high availablility clusters with a single command, managing many petabytes of backend storage for ISP, ISP+, Oracle RMAN, MS SQL and Veeam in a simple, shared scale-out storage infrastructure and backing up file servers and big data applications which are normally beyond the scope of ISP or any other kind of backup.

Optimale Datensicherung, optimierte Kosten!

Richard Reich, PROFI

Jedem ist bewusst, wie wichtig Datensicherung ist und trotzdem nehmen sich die wenigsten wirklich Zeit, um das Thema zeitgemäß zu durchdenken. Im Rahmen der heutigen Möglichkeiten stellt die PROFI unterschiedliche Vorgehensweise zur optimiertenDatensicherung vor und bietet von „On Premise“ bis zu „Managed Datensicherung“ einen Einblick in innovative Vorgehensweisen bei denen auch die Kosten der Lösung optimiert werden.

Ransomware?! I got a backup! … do you?

Petra Kuhnert, Cristie Data

The next level of Ransomware and how to protect your backup data.
Blocky4ISP is designed to protect data on backup volumes from
unauthorized manipulation by viruses, ransomware and other malicious
software by continuously monitoring file operations in real-time on protected
file system locations.
Learn how Blocky4ISP can help you secure your backup.

Repostor – your recovery expert

Anders Klamer, Repostor

By using Data protector you are able to do backup and restore on open source databases!
We have created a “plug-in” module tailored for IBM Spectrum Protect. This means you can continue to use your existing solution without having to invest in new backup systems in order to secure your data. The solution works on any hardware and in the Cloud. With our solution you will have a better chance to restore your or your customers valuable data by doing full- and incremental backups and/or Snapshots to a point in time you select. All in all, this is a robust solution built for both small and large enterprises and has been in operation since 2009. The integration with Spectrum Protect allows you to have an automated process running you can depend on instead of running scripts and doing “Copy to Disk”.
At the moment we support the following databases:
• PostgreSQL
• MongoDB
• MariaDB
• And more to come as the market evolves!
Our business model is based on capacity and it is measured on the frontend side, ie the actual size of the database(s) regardless of how many copies you have in Spectrum.
Company Information
Repostor AB is a privately held company in Sweden acting on a global market. We are specialized in working with IBM Spectrum Protect, by helping customers secure their data. We have created a suite of products called Data Protector and Snap Protector to help customers cover open source databases in their daily routines. The solution is verified by IBM and can be found in the “IBM Global Solutions Directory” on IBMs webpage.   


Spectra – 40 Years Data Preservation

Craig Bungay, Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic develops data storage solutions that solve the problem of short and long-term digital preservation for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to storage innovation for40 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the adoption of its solutions by industry leaders in multiple vertical markets globally. Spectra enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methodsof managing information in all forms of storage—including archive, backup, cold storage, private and public cloud.

Storware – simplified data protection by #backupmonster

#backupmoster unleashed! It’s all about simplified data protection for VMs, Containers, Cloud & Endpoints backup & recovery.

Storware successfully offers products (vProtect & KODO) and enhance IBM Spectrum Protect portfolio through theworldwide distribution and partner channel. Learn, what’s the story behind the company success and why it's worth visiting their stand on ISP Symposium 2019.

The New Era of Integrated Data Storage

Stéphane Cardot, Quantum

Almost all Industries require high-performance and easy access to data — even as data repositories reach petabyte scale levels. Designing a future-proof, cost effective storage infrastructure to deliver performance access and protection for all your data, and it`s use as a gateway to all types of storage media including public cloud is now easier than ever before. Learn more by success stories of several different companies.

The wonderful world of Backup and the magic of the Cloud

Alina Mot, Empalis

Join our journey from a consulting company to a modern cloud and managed service provider.

Who is Concat?

An introduction into what Concat, the Symposium’s long standing Gold Sponsor, is all about.