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Abstracts of ISP2019 Technical Talks

The abstracts of the technical talks are sorted by topic/headline.

Backing Up Spectrum Scale using Spectrum Protect

Daniele Kruse

The talk is about ETHZ's approach in backing up Spectrum Scale using Spectrum Protect.
Specifically the presentation will cover the strategies chosen and will go through the many steps of the backup scripts.

Changes in one Large ISP System

Alexander Dunaevskiy

In this talk, I will present Archive –and Backup System of Leibniz Supercomputing Centre and some changes of the last years.  
I will focus on experiences with this changes and control of their results without analyses of stored data in large heterogeneous IBM Spectrum Protect systems like that at Leibniz Supercomputer Centre.  I will talk about ideas for helpful tools for control of change results on Spectrum Protect Server site without access of Client site.
I will mention another important aspect before and after implementation of changes, namely a kind of communication with affected and partly unsuspecting user.  
This talk is more a presentation of useful ideas than a collection of exact recipes. This talk could be useful for ISP beginners as well as ISP experts.

Cloud Backup - architectures and concepts

Nils Haustein

Backup is and has always been an essential technique to protect data. The ultimate goal of backup is to be able to restore data, that got lost, corrupted or cannot be found anymore. But how do I configure my backup system in accordance to the restore requirements? And how does backup differentiate from other copy techniques like snapshots and replication?
These and other questions will be addressed in this presentation. I will demonstrate how to derive the backup configuration and metrics from on the restore requirements. And I will explain common backup principles for different types of data.

Cloud Capabilities

James Damgar

What capabilities does IBM Spectrum Protect provide for exploiting cloud technologies.  Explore key use cases around cloud object storage, workload support, and the advantages of clouds for data protection.

Cloud Capabilities (IBM Spectrum Protect Plus)

Jim Smith

Explore key use cases around cloud object storage for long term retention and cloud deployments in IBM Cloud for VMware and Amazon AWS

Deep dive data protection for Spectrum Scale

Dominic Mueller-Wicke

Learn how mmbackup and Spectrum Protect work together and how it efficiently operates on Spectrum Scale to protect environments on a large scale.

Disaster Recovery and High Availability with Spectrum Protect Plus

Jim Smith

Explore how to protect the Spectrum Protect Plus ecosystem. Topics include database (catalog) protection, disaster recovery, and high-availability.

Exploring Containers and Spectrum Protect Architectures and Deployments

Greg van Hise

A survey of architectures and workloads.  How is the market transforming around containers and implications to current and future architectures for your data protection and reuse considerations.  Also explore existing architectures beyond what is shown in the blueprints and when and why these are considered.

Exploring solutions for database protection with Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus

Dominic Mueller-Wicke

Explore the capabilities and options for database protection and data reuse scenarios using the Spectrum Protect or Spectrum Protect Plus portfolio.

Exploring solutions for mail protection with Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus

Dominic Mueller-Wicke

Explore the capabilities and options for mail server protection and data reuse scenarios using the Spectrum Protect or Spectrum Protect Plus portfolio.

How Cybercrime changes our backup

Josef Weingand

Mirroring, such Metro or Global Mirror, and the usage of Snap-Copies were preventing the requirement of a real disaster recovery for many probably failures. But this has changed recently! Cybercrime, Ransomare, CryptoLocker destroy all data, including mirrors and snap backups. Now we need to rethink about RTO / RPO, disaster recovery plans and resize our tape infrastructure.

Air Gap protection is a must have in every backup infrastructure. Learn how tape storage can full fil this requirement. See cases where tape was the lifeguard and how the disaster recovery worked.
Beside data security, see also why tape will never die.

How to be successful protecting virtual environments

Jim Smith

Best practices, hints, and tips for Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments and Spectrum Protect Plus.  Also explore when and why to use one or the other.

How to succeed with cloud deployments of IBM Spectrum Protect

James Damgar

Blueprint for how to deploy IBM Spectrum Protect in the cloud.  Explore the use cases, "how to" recommendations, and discussion on how this has been built, tested, and recommended.  

How to successfully plan and deploy IBM Spectrum Protect servers

Jason Basler

Explore the latest blueprint recommendations on how to build and deploy IBM Spectrum Protect servers as Small, Medium, Large, or custom for Linux, Windows, or AIX platforms.  Explore the latest published blueprints, what are the changes?  Recommendations on how to custom size servers to get a more precise alignment of database and storage pool capacity.

How to successfully plan and deploy IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Jim Smith, Jason Basler

Explore the blueprint recommendations on how to build and deploy IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and the vSnap storage repositories.  

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus - Deeper Dive

Jim Smith

A deeper look into IBM Spectrum Protect Plus discussing the data model and main component interactions

IBM Spectrum Protect (Plus) - managing virtualization and other Big Data

Lars Henningsen

Virtual environments, file services, business analytics and machine learning are the major drivers of data growth. IBM has made great strides to tackle virtualization  with Spectrum Protect Plus while Spectrum Protect itself has always been the best solution for backing up file systems incrementally. We present a solution which allows SP+ to dynamically share scale-out storage with Spectrum Protect. Furthermore we will show how big file servers and Hadoop-based Big Data solutions with practically unlimited numbers of objects can be backed up quickly and efficiently.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus - REST API fundamentals for novices

Daniel Wendler

The presentation introduced the common basics of RESTful APIs and in detail the Spectrum Protect Plus REST API. We highlight the need to get involved with the REST API as it offers wide capabilities such as monitoring, configuration and administration of SPP environments without utilizing the GUI.

We will demonstrate how to explore the API and which tools are useful for exploration and interaction. General purpose tools like cURL and JQ are introduced as well as a Python library called SPPClient which simplifies the  interaction for API operations GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

A demonstration of available Python script along with a quickstart guide will complement this session.

IBM Spectrum Protect Security Enhancements

Andre Gaschler, Gerda-Monika Wolf

Exploring concepts and capabilities to better understand IBM Spectrum Protect security enhancements delivered in Spectrum Protect V8.1.2, V8.1.3, V8.1.4 and beyond. This presentation will guide you through the enhancements, help to understand them, show common pitfalls and outlines an upgrade path. Learn how your Spectrum Protect environment could benefit from more security.

IBM Tape Update and News

Josef Weingand

See the latest IBM Tape News, such the 20 TB TS1160 Tape drive. Get informed what comes next and see the future of LTO and Enterprise Tape Drives. Learn how IBM Tape integrate into a modern Spectrum Protect Data protection architecture.

Integration options for IBM Spectrum Protect with IBM Spectrum Scale

Nils Haustein

The integration of IBM Spectrum Protect with IBM Spectrum Scale provides different value adding functions for backup, archiving and disaster recovery. This presentation provides an overview about these integration options and gives configuration guidance. 

Introducing IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Jim Smith

An introduction and survey of what is IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, what workloads does it protect, SLA management, RBAC, and other key capabilities this provides to solve your data protection needs.

Introduction and best practice recommendations for Retention Sets

Jason Basler

Explore how to solve long-term retention with Spectrum Protect.  What are retention sets, how to use them, and hints and tips based on how the code works.

Jülich TSM infrastructure upgrade - a long, hard road

Stephan Graf

Since decades the Jülich Supercomputing Centre operates a TSM infrastructure.

On the one hand it is used for backup and TSM/HSM for the Jülich HPC file systems and on the other hand it is used for user archive and backup of desktop and server systems of the Forschungszentrum Jülich campus.

In 2017 we decided to do major design changes in our setup. Including moving disk storage pools from local RAIDs to GPFS, switch the server platform from AIX to Linux and upgrade from Power6 to Power8. In addition over time we were forced to upgrade from TSM server version 6.4 to 7.1.6 and finally to the secure version 8.1.3.

In this talk we will speak about the goals we wanted to achieve, the experience and pitfalls we faced and what we have reached so far.

Lessons learnt from backing up a large, non supported filesystem

Bjørn Nachtwey

After an overview of the GWDG setup with QUANTUM's STORNEXT as the main filesystem component, the talk will outline the problems that occur during backup due to the "daylight saving time setup".
The main part will illustrade the solution found and give a short excursus on approaches to speed up the backup.
As a side effect this also includes a workaround which implements the VIRTUALMOUNTPOINT functionality for windows and allows to use the backup privilege on filesystems that do not support it.

Looking under the hood with Container Storage Pools

Colin Dawson

Understanding container storage pools, a guide to what they are, recent enhancements to the algorithms, recommendations on how to be successful with these pools.  Learn about tiering capabilities and auto-audit.

Looking under the hood with Object Storage Support

James Damgar

Ever wonder how IBM Spectrum Protect writes to object storage?  Come explore how object storage is used, reclaimed, and managed from IBM Spectrum Protect servers.

PetaScale Data Protection for Data Intensive Science

Stephan Peinkofer

LRZ's Data Science Storage (DSS) is a novel approach at LRZ to solve the demands and requirements of data intensive science. Therefore, DSS implements a data centric management approach, which gives our researchers the ability to store vast amounts of data for as long as the data is important to them or the science community, access this data from the whole LRZ computing ecosystem, share this data between arbitrary users of the LRZ computing ecosystem and access, transfer and share this data world wide via Globus Online.
This talk will give an overview of LRZ's Data Science Storage Service and will outline in particular how we integrated Spectrum Protect into our overall solution in order to protect Petabytes of data, stored on DSS against data loss in a scalable and automated way.

Product Update

Colin Dawson, Del Hoobler

Explore the transformation that is data protection with an update on IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and IBM Spectrum Protect.  What have we delivered since the last symposium, how have the data protection capabilities been transforming, and highlights from the current product capabilities.

Ransomware - a view on how data got infected

Thomas Grüning

A presentation about how ransomware entered a company and got activated. Also a closer view on what really caused the damage and how corrupted data got restored. Based on practical experience.

Recommendations for Protecting Filers with Spectrum Protect

Dominic Mueller-Wicke

Explore the capabilities and options for protecting large filers. What tools and capabilities are available today. Best practice recommendations on protecting these important sources of data in your environment.

Solutions with IBM Spectrum Storage

Kurt Gerecke

The Presentation is looking to the IBM Spectrum Storage history and what happened until today sorting the products into different possible solution scenarios. One of those scenarios is Artificial Intelligence. This is the main focus of the presentation how IBM Spectrum storage products can cover every phase of the different infrastructure requirements of deep learning or machine learning projects. With the IBM Spectrum Storage for AI reference architecture IBM covers an end to end data pipeline which is unique in the market today. The end of the presentation shows different AI application examples and how such applications can help to make life easier.

Solutions to protect Spectrum Scale data using Spectrum Protect

Dominic Mueller-Wicke

Explore the capabilities and options to protect Spectrum Scale data with Spectrum Protect. Learn how operational-, long term- and disaster recovery can be realized and how the tools work together.

Solving Your Data Protection challenges with Quantum

Stephane Cardot

  • Who is Quantum and Data type market trend
  • Each type of data has its own challenges, traditional IT Data, Video Data, IoT Data. It is important to find the appropriate solution for the data life cyle of the data with the best cost impact .
  • Product portfolio for each type of data protection backup and long term archive

    • Traditional IT, Deduplication appliance and Tape Backup, DR scenarios
    • Video VS, Video surveillance Appliance
    • Video like and IoT Data, StorNext Xcellis Appliance to manage the data from high ingest performance using NVMe up to to long term archive on Tape and Cloud

Spectrum Protect Family - Cloud integration points

Joerg Walter

This presentation gives an overview of the current cloud integration points of IBM's data protection solutions Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus.
It discusses the current options to deploy SP & SP+ in (Hybrid-) Cloud environments, like IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, the capabilities to integrate Cloud object storage into the back-end storage hierarchy, as well as the use cases in Hybrid Cloud backup environments.
Further-on, this presentation will give some insights into real world examples and Proof of Concepts.

Spectrum Protect LDAP Implementation, no fear, to be successful in one step

Urs Moser, Hanspeter Schneibel

We would give an Implementation Overview on LDAP on High Secure Environment
Hints and Tips as well Tricks
SSL/TLS Problems with in such high sensitive Environment

Spectrum Protect Operation Center - The new way of managing TSM

Peter Minig

The presentation introduces the Spectrum Protect Operation Center and its features like Scheduling of Sessions & Processes, Housekeeping, Enterprise Configuration  (Server-
to-Server Communication). It will highlight managing, monitoring and reporting a Spectrum Protect Solution without utilizing the Command Line Interface.

We will highlight tips for designing the hub and spoke server configuration as well as how client updates is working and which pitfalls can be avoided. The presentation will cover client diagnosis and alert monitoring as well as security dashboard.  

It will demonstrate how to use the Report Builder and how to create custom reports as well as Alert configuration.

Spectrum Protect Performance Troubleshooting

Jason Basler

This session will provide guidance on how to troubleshoot Spectrum Protect performance problems using servermon, instrumentation, and other tools.

Spectrum Protect Portfolio Vision and Roadmap

Colin Dawson, Del Hoobler

What is coming next for IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. What is coming in the future, what might things look like by the time we get to the next Symposium?

Spectrum Protect Solution Design and Sizing - beyond Blueprints

Joerg Walter, Nils Haustein, Andre Gaschler

This presentation gives an introduction to a potential Spectrum Protect solution design process.
Beginning with a review of various Spectrum Protect deployment options, compared to specific solution requirements and environmental facts, this presentation outlines a step-by-step approach that finally leads to a solution design for a high performance, flexible and scalable backup environment. It also references the IBM provided Spectrum Protect Blueprints as a potential building block, but goes beyond and explains how to assemble these building blocks to a complete DP&R solution.

The Paradigm of Modern Data Protection

Thomas Harrer, CTO, IBM Systems Europe, IBM Distinguished Engineer

The Digital Transformation opens a world of opportunities for innovation and change. The underlying hybrid multicloud transformation starts to affect heavily regulated environments. The value of data is ever-growing, hence  information availability and resiliency are critical aspects of business success. Until recently, data protection represented an insurance policy for companies to reestablish access to critical data in various challenging situations, including cyberattacks. Now we witness a paradigm shift - while all data ends up in a data protection environment, this data source is not yet fully leveraged by most organizations - which unleashes significant potential. The IBM approaches for modern data protection enable reusability of data in environments that use data analytics, data recovery in the contexts of DevOps or cyber resiliency, as well as data mobility both from an on-prem and cloud perspectives. Hear about the use cases this shift in paradigm supports effectively, as well as the ways this can be successfully managed with IBM's Spectrum Protect portfolio.

Tier to cloud and tier to tape capabilities with Spectrum Protect

James Damgar

Learn how to use tier to cloud and tier to tape to save money on long-term retention data while maintaining fast recovery of operational data. Explore the technical wrinkles of tiering.

Understanding Encryption in IBM Spectrum Protect

Thomas Baumann

Since Version 7.1.8 and 8.1.2 there is a need for configuring SSL/TLS for connecting Clients to the IBM Spectrum Protect Server. In this session I show which steps have to be taken into account to achieve this, and how to get the browser's certificate "green". This covers as well how to include an own certificate obtained from an (official) certificate authority.

Using REST API of IBM Spectrum Protect

Thomas Baumann

A new and current method of administering IBM Spectrum Protect is using the REST API. We show how the Spectrum Protect administration can be done using this API, which requirements have to be met, and show some caveats if using them. Ansible or other configuration management tools are used by tiri GmbH to make TSM Administration more easy. As connection should be done using a secure way, Thomas Baumann also shows how to update and activate current Encrpytion certificates, which covers how to get the browser's certificate "green", and how to include an own certificate obtained from an (official) certificate authority.

What are the latest tape capabilities?

James Damgar

Explore tape enhancements:  logical block protection, performance improvements, tier to tape for container pools, S3 offload to tape for Spectrum Protect Plus...