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ISP2019: Backup and Beyond

From the beginnings of computerized data processing until now, taking backup copies of data is an inevitable task of professional IT operations, and thus, since 1994 we have a sequence of ADSM/TSM/SpectrumProtect symposia to discuss our chosen tool for taking backups.

This tool, spectrum protect, promises the protection of data against many forms of data loss.

Nowadays, the value proposition of protection against data loss has many more incarnations than taking backup copies (as there are replication (on / off site), geodispersed storage by erasure coded data, etc.). On the other hand, current amounts of data in the multiple PB range are far beyond the scale that can reasonably be protected by taking backup copies simply because of the time a restore would take. Of course, there are many cases where backup is still inevitable, as well as Long term Retention (LTR). In many cases, this is not done with the intention to access the data at any later time but things get much more complicated when we plan to reuse data stored for LTR.
All this said, we the organizing committee invite You to extend the scope of our symposium to "Backup and Beyond".

Together, we want to shift the perspective from a sheer data protection up to contributions SpectrumProtect can make to our various business and/or research processes. So how can we – the customers as well as the vendors – move our common powerful tool Spectrum Protect into the centre of a data centric world and thus in the area of business value creation, both in the commercial and the academic world.
This is your chance to join us in benefiting from the innovations, the new and changed functionality in the recent and upcoming versions and to hear what is expected to be implemented in ISP over the next couple of years.

Come along and keep up with the very latest features and plans of the ISP-team within IBM, gain hints and tips on upgrading your archive and backup services, learn how to exploit the forthcoming new functionality, and acquire additional technical insight into Spectrum Protect. Take full advantage of the presentations from IBM Development, as well as contributions from other experienced and established ISP users. Best of all, meet and get to know peer professionals in an open, informal atmosphere.