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Program of the GSE ISP-Symposium 2019

This is version 2.1 (05.08.2019) of the program of the GSE ISP-Symposium 2019. It is still considered preliminary in some respects.

Many speakers in partly parallel sessions will fill out a 3 day program offering recent insight on functionality, performance, usability and scalability as well as other aspects of the IBM Spectrum Protect Product (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager).

Breaks and evening events complete this by offering an ideal surrounding for informal discussions and collection of ideas.

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Tuesday 24 September 2019

Registration Opens 12:00

Exhibition Open 13:30

Around the session break area there will be several small booths with companies showing their Spectrum-Protect-related products. We expect a good time for new contacts between arriving delegates and the exhibitors. Feel free to use the Gallery for small, private discussions if desired.

Exhibitor Presentations I 13:30-15:30 - Main Conference Room
Coffee/Tea 15:30
Exhibitor Presentations II 16:00-18:00 - Main Conference Room

Platinum Sponsor Keynote 18:45-19:30 - Main Conference Room
Chair: Gerd Becker
IBM Keynote:-tbd-, (n.n.)

Exhibitor Reception 19:30-21:00 - Exhibition Area

'Dinner and Drinks'

Walk around the exhibition and learn about old and new Spectrum Protect add-on products. Renew contacts and discuss about your thoughts and ideas.

Wednesday 25th September 2019

Registration Opens 08:00

Opening Session 09:00-10:00
Welcome from GSE and RRZK Uni Koeln10 (Peter Groth, Claus Kalle)
Customer Keynote:
Data in times of digitization and AI: was there ever enough space on a floppy disk?
(Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Nagel, ZIH TU Dresden) 35+5
Coffee Break 09:45-10:15
Session I-1 10:15-12:00
Chair: Peter Micke
Product Update60 (Del Hoobler/Colin Dawson)
How to successfully plan and deploy IBM Spectrum Protect servers45 (Jason Basler)
Lunch 12:00-13:00

Breakout Session I-2 13:00-14:30
Track A
Track B
Spectrum Scale (GPFS)
Track C
Troubleshooting servermon / Operation Center
Chair: Kirsten Glöer Chair: Claus Kalle Chair: Bjørn Nachtwey
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus - REST API fundamentals for novices40 (Daniel Wendler) Solutions to protect Spectrum Scale data using Spectrum Protect45
(Dominic Mueller-Wicke)
Spectrum Protect Performance Troubleshooting45 (Jason Basler)
Using REST API of IBM Spectrum Protect40 (Thomas Baumann) Deep dive data protection for Spectrum Scale45 (Dominic Mueller-Wicke) Spectrum Protect Operation Center - The new way of managing TSM40 (Peter Minig)
Coffee Break 14:30-15:00
Coffee Break

Breakout Session I-3 15:00-17:00
Track D
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
Track E
Track F
Chair: Claus Kalle Chair: Gerd Becker Chair: Peter Micke

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus - Deeper Dive45 (Jim Smith

How Cybercrime changes our backup40 (Josef Weingand) Cloud Capabilities45 (James Damgar)
Disaster Recovery and High Availability with Spectrum Protect Plus45 (Jim Smith) IBM Spectrum Protect Security Enhancements40 (Andre Gaschler, Gerda-Monika Wolf) How to succeed with cloud deployments of IBM Spectrum Protect45 (James Damgar)
Cloud Capabilities (IBM Spectrum Protect Plus)45 (Jim Smith) Ransomware - a view on how data got infected40 (Thomas Gruening) Spectrum Protect Family - Cloud integration points40 (Joerg Walter)

End-of-Day Keynote Session 17:10-17:40
Gold Sponsor: Concat30 (n.n.)

Birds-Of-a-Feather Sessions 17:50-18:30
Chair: Gerd Becker Chair: Claus Kalle Chair: Bjørn Nachwey
GSE AK SMSSD Virtualize your physical tape libraries in your backup environment with TSLM25
Andre Gaschler
Tips & Tricks & Workarounds: what’s missing in ISP and how do we cope with?

Evening Event Wednesday
1 / 3
Evening Event 19:00

The Evening Event will be at the 'Gun-Powder Tower' very close to the Dresdner Frauenkirche, easibly reachable with a 20-minute-walk from the conference hotel.

We will be having the 'Hangman-Meal' and traditional drinks.

Return 22:00
Adjourn 22:30

Thursday 26th September 2019

Good Morning Keynote Session 08:30-09:00
Gold Sponsor: Quantum30 (n.n.)

Session II-1 09:00-10:30
Chair: Peter Micke
Introducing IBM Spectrum Protect Plus45 (Jim Smith)
How to successfully plan and deploy IBM Spectrum Protect Plus45 (Jim Smith/Jason Basler)
Coffee Break 10:30-11:00
Breakout Session II-2 11:00-11:45
Track G
ISP Server Virtualization
Track H
Track I
Retention Sets
Chair: Claus Kalle Chair: Kirsten Glöer Chair: Bjørn Nachtwey

How to be successful protecting virtual environments45 (Jim Smith)


Spectrum Protect LDAP Implementation, no fear, to be successful in one step45 (Urs Moser, Hanspeter Schneibel) Introduction and best practice recommendations for Retention Sets45 (Jason Basler)
Lunch 11:45-12:45

Breakout Session II-3 12:45-15:00
Track J
Track K
Tape & Archiving
Track L
Protecting Large Environments
Chair: Claus Kalle Chair: Peter Micke Chair: Gerd Becker
Exploring Spectrum Protect Architectures and Deployments45 (Colin Dawson) IBM Tape Update and News40 (Josef Weingand) Recommendations for Protecting Filers with Spectrum Protect45 (Dominic Mueller-Wicke)
Cloud Backup – architectures and concepts40 (Nils Haustein)

What are the latest tape capabilities?45 (James Damgar)


Changes in one Large ISP System25 (Alexander Dunaevskiy)
PetaScale Data Protection for Data Intensive Science25 (Stephan Peinkofer)
Spectrum Protect Solution Design and Sizing - beyond Blueprints40 (Joerg Walter, Nils Haustein, Andre Gaschler) Tier to cloud and tier to tape capabilities with Spectrum Protect45 (James Damgar) Lessons learnt from backing up a large, not supported filesystem25 (Bjørn Nachtwey)
Coffee Break 15:00-15:30
Breakout Session II-4 15:30-17:00
Track M
Spectrum Scale (GPFS)
Track N
Application Protection
Track O
IBM Spectrum Protect Server Internals
Chair: Bjørn Nachtwey Chair: Gerd Becker Chair: Kirsten Glöer

Integration options for IBM Spectrum Protect with IBM Spectrum Scale40 (Nils Haustein)

Exploring solutions for mail protection with Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus45 (Dominic Mueller-Wicke) Looking under the hood with Container Storage Pools45 (Colin Dawson)

Jülich TSM infrastructure upgrade - a long, hard road25 (Stephan Graf, Martin Lischewski)

Backing up Spectrum Scale using Spectrum Protect25 (Daniele Kruse)

Exploring solutions for database protection with Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus45 (Dominic Mueller-Wicke) Looking under the hood with Object Storage Support45 (James Damgar)

End-of-Day Keynote Session 17:00-17:30
Gold Sponsor: TechData 30 (n.n.)
Evening Event Thursday
Walk to Evening Event 17:30

We walk from the conference hotel to the pier of "August der Starke" at the river Elbe.

Boarding 18:00 - 18:20

We will board "August der Starke" and pass thru Dresden and over the river Elbe, while fine dining and drinks will be offered. An ideal background for offline networking in succession of todays talks and discussing recent developments...

Boarding will finish on 18:20, so be on time!

Boat Trip 18:20 - 21:00
Docking 21:00 - 21:15

Dresden Old-Town offers many opportunities to spend some time with more networking and continuing technical discussion, or just go back the the "Westin Bellevue" to retire.

Arrival at Conference Hotel 21:30

Friday 27th September 2019

Good morning keynote 09:00-09:30
Gold Sponsor: CANCOM30 (n.n.)
Session III-1 09:30-10:30
Chair: Peter Micke
Spectrum Protect Portfolio Vision and Roadmap I60 (Colin Dawson, Del Hoobler)

Coffee Break 10:30-11:00

Session III-2 11:00-12:00
Chair: Gerd Becker
Spectrum Protect Portfolio Vision and Roadmap II60 (Colin Dawson, Del Hoobler)
Closing Session 12:00-12:15
Closing Remarks (Claus Kalle, Peter Groth)

Light Farewell Lunch 12:15